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Activity Detail


Curriculum Framework Review and Social Study Text Pilot Review Workshop

The Karen Education Department (KED) conducted a Curriculum Framework Review and Social Study Text Pilot Review Workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to analyse, review and revise the KED curriculum, which has been used for several years.


"The curriculum that we currently use was established many years ago. Therefore, it needed to reviewed and revised. Furthermore, the education learning system also needed to reviewed." said, KED Curricula Drafting Committee Saw Hay Soe. He added that on the first day of the workshop, they divided into groups to discuss each subject taught. On the second day, they reviewed and revised the relevant contents that is currently used in the curriculum.


In the workshop, we reviewed every level of our curriculum used at primary, middle and high school. Every leader actively participated, sharing knowledge and inputting valuable ideas to develop our Karen education system. Department staff, districts and townships staff and Karen education workers participated in this workshop.


This workshop was organised by KED Central and conducted over 3 days, starting from 29 to 31 March 2019 at Thit Bay Hta, Pa-an District. 50 people participated at the workshop.

The Karen Education Department is a department of the Karen National Union (KNU) and is working to provide education to Karen people inside Karen State. Furthermore, they also take responsibility to maintain and develop Karen culture and tradition.