"From the Karen National Political Dialogue to ward the Political Will of the Karen National"  

  "From the Karen National Political Dialogue to establish a Federal Democratic Union"  

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1 2010-11-07 Statement on SPDC’s 2010 Election Designed to Perpetuate Military Dictatorship Rule KNU Supreme Headquarters
2 2010-09-15 KNU to Observe One-Day Ceasefire on International Day of Peace KNU Supreme Headquarters
3 2010-07-27 KNU Statement on Pre-Election Military Operations by SPDC KNU Supreme Headquarters
4 2010-04-02 KNU statement position on Refugees KNU Supreme Headquarters
5 2010-03-31 KNU Statement affirming Full Support for Decision of NLD KNU Supreme Headquarters
6 2010-03-16 KNU Statement on SPDC’s 2010 Election Law KNU Supreme Headquarters
7 2010-03-14 KNU Press Release on Recommendation of UN Special Rapporteur KNU Supreme Headquarters
8 2010-03-13 NDF Statement on Military Clique’s Election Laws NDF
9 2010-03-04 KNU Statement Requesting UN SG to Call on SPDC to Stop Attacks against Karen Civilians KNU Supreme Headquarters
10 2010-02-16 New Attacks on Karen Require International Response KNU Supreme Headquarters
11 2010-01-28 NDF Statement on Assassination of Mongla Leader NDF
12 2004-03-15 Statement of Ethnic Nationalities Council No. 1/2004 ENC
13 1010-01-15 KNU Statement on Systematic Distribution of Narcotic Drugs by SPDC & Advice To The People KNU Supreme Headquarters