"From the Karen National Political Dialogue to ward the Political Will of the Karen National"  

  "From the Karen National Political Dialogue to establish a Federal Democratic Union"  

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1 2018-02-01 Karen National Union Statement on the Building of a Two-Lane Highway Connecting Dawei Special Economic Zone and the Thai Border KNU Supreme Headquarters
2 2018-01-27 Statement of the Second Central Standing Committee Emergency Meeting following the KNU 16th Congress KNU Supreme Headquarters
3 2017-10-15 Statement Released on the 2nd Anniversary of the Karen National Union’s Signing the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) KNU Supreme Headquarters
4 2017-07-02 Statement on Peace Process Steering Team- PPST meeting of Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement- Signatories, Ethnic Armed Organizations (NCA-S EAO) PPST
5 2017-06-23 Statement on the Review of Peace Process KNU Supreme Headquarters
6 2017-06-10 Press Release No. (3/2017) KNU Supreme Headquarters
7 2017-05-29 Press Release No. (2/2017) KNU Supreme Headquarters
8 2017-05-29 Statement of Karen National Union Standing Committee of Mutraw District Regarding the Demands of Civilians of Hpla Koh Village Tract and Ee Tu Hta IDP Camp KNU Supreme Headquarters
9 2017-05-23 Press Release (1/2017) KNU Supreme Headquarters
10 2017-05-01 First Central Standing Committee Meeting Statement after 16th Karen National Union Congress KNU Supreme Headquarters
11 2017-04-09 Statement of the 16th Congress of Karen National Union KNU Supreme Headquarters
12 2017-02-24 Statement of the Leaders of the Ethnic Armed Organizations (Pan Kan) EAOs
13 2017-02-16 Joint Statement of Karen National Union and Kachin Independence Organization KNU & KIO
14 2016-11-11 The KNU 15th Congress Central Standing Committee (CSC) 5th Meeting Statement KNU Supreme Headquarters
15 2016-09-13 KNU Statement on Military Activities by Government Tatmadaw (Army) and BGF Forces in Mae Thawaw Region in Contact with Pa-an and Papun Districts KNU Supreme Headquarters