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Details of the Activity


10th Township Level Congress held in Kawkareik Township, Dooplaya District

24 November 2023, KNU-Central

A three-day 10th Township Congress, was held from the 20 – 22nd of November 2023. Township Congress, held once every 4 years  according to the KNU constitution, was held in Kawkareik Township, Dooplaya District. Elections were led by District and Township level leaders in accordance with the KNU constitution.  


The elected five executive Township-level leaders of Kawkareik Township were: (1) Padoh Saw Hpa Ta Yah as the Chairperson; (2) Lieutenant Colonel Saw San Tin as the Vice-Chairperson; (3) Padoh Mahn Mya Aye as the Secretary; (4) Padoh Saw Hae Ku as the Joint Secretary; (5) Padoh Nan Yamin Lwin as a Judge.


126 representatives attended the congress. 11 women were elected among the 30 members of the elected township standing committee. More places were given to young leaders in administrative departments and standing committee members, and most of the young people took leading roles in the respective departments.