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Details of the Activity


Central Land Committee and Forestry Department Held a Briefing in Dooplaya District

30 October 2023, KNU-Central


From October 23 to October 26, 2023, the Central Land Committee and Forest Department (Central) conducted a four-day workshop about land and forests in the Kawthoolei administrative area of Noh T'Kaw (Kyarinseikgyi) Township.

Head of the Kawthoolei Agriculture Department (KAD), Padoh Saw Lay Say, presented at the workshop on the roles and responsibilities of committee members at the central and district levels, the creation of a team to solve land-related problems, the identification of problem types to be solved at the central and district levels, the comprehension of the roles and responsibilities of the land-problem-solving group, and the future action plans. The workshop concluded with a land-related questions and answers session.

The Forest Strategy Policy (FSP), the six objectives of the Forestry's rour-year Strategic plan, the preservation of forests and natural resources, training related to building capacity and raising awareness about forests, and the promotion and preservation of rare species and forests were all updated by Padoh Saw Mahn Ba Tun, Head of the Kawthoolei Forestry Department (KFD).

The following days’ briefing covered topics including endangered territories that require protection, conservation strategies, objective destruction content, and principles and guidelines for watershed management.

The extent of roles and responsibilities as well as the guidelines to be followed were discussed. Even though the Land Committee and Forestry Department work was virtually presented to each district, there were only two districts where the presentations were held in person—Dooplaya District being one of them.

Padoh Man Ba Tun, Pado Saw Lay Say, Padoh Saw Liston, the Dooplaya District Secretary, Dooplaya Brigadier General Saw Ko Htoo, and representatives from the relevant sectors of the Dooplaya District—forestry, agriculture, land committee, livestock, and livelihood—attended the briefing. The briefing was attended by 50 people.