"From the Karen National Political Dialogue to ward the Political Will of the Karen National"  

  "From the Karen National Political Dialogue to establish a Federal Democratic Union"  

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Details of the Activity


Doo Tha Htu District's Karen Youth Organization (KYO) Oversaw the First "Nation Building & Political Empowerment Program (TOT) and Completed the Training

27 October, 2023. KNU-Central

In the KNU administrative areas of Doo Tha Htu District, the "Nation Building & Political Empowerment Program (TOT)" from the 6 - 23rd of October 2023 was completed for the first time, under the leadership of Karen Youth Organization (KYO). 35 youth from the KYO, township and district administration, and the military attended the training.

The first "Nation Building & Political Empowerment Program (T.O.T)" training was held with the intention of educating the people of Doo Tha Htu District about the policies, guidelines, and principles set forth by the Karen National Union (KNU) and actively assisting in their implementation; producing young leaders who are patriotic and will play a key role in the democratic revolution; and recognizing the political connections between the Karen revolution and world politics. In addition, learning about Karen history will help to conserve and advance the culture and literacy.

KNU Policy, KYO Constitution Update, Political Update, Nation Building to State Building, SOP & TOR Writing, Statement Writing, Public Speaking, Community Mobilization, Human Rights, Karen History, Forestry Policy Update, Natural Resources Governance, Social Media, Federal Democracy, Personal Leadership were among the topics covered in the training.

The lecturers for the course were from Karen Youth Organization (KYO), Karen Community Based Organizations (KCBOs), and Central and District KNU.

The program included TOT in order to distribute back to the respective districts. In this program, the students from Htee Lay Khaw (DJC) School, Kawthoolei Kyun Wine High School, and Kawthoolei Mae Thae Khee Hight School attended the program.

To be distributed back to the individual districts, the program included TOT. Students from Htee Lay Khaw (DJC) School, Kawthoolei Kyun Wine High School, and Kawthoolei Mae Thae Khee High School participated in this program.

Beginning on September 6, 2023, "The Nation Building & Political Empowerment Program" concluded with a ceremony on October 23, 2023.