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Details of the Activity


Kawthoolei Tree Planting Day was held in Doo Tha Htu District

01 July 2023, KNU-Central

Led by Kawthoolei Forestry Department (KFD) of Doo Tha Htu District, Kawthoolei Tree Planting Month, which falls from July 1st to July 31st, was held on July 1, 2023, in Doo Tha Htu District, Kawthoolei.

The ceremony commenced at 8:00 a.m. with an opening speech delivered by the head of the KFD of Doo Tha Htu District. The individual responsible for environmental protection in Doo Tha Htu District elucidated the purpose behind tree planting, and the district leaders present provided words of encouragement. The event concluded with greetings, and participants actively participated in the tree-planting activity as a symbolic gesture of environmental conservation.

Doo Tha Htu District leaders, township leaders, representatives from various departments, KYO and KWO members, villagers, students, and youths came together, totaling more than 300 participants. They collaboratively planted a total of 1,500 trees in the reserved forest during the event.

As reported by the district KFD secretary, a total of 8,100 trees had been planted in 2023 in Doo Tha Htu District. Additionally, an extra 2,000 trees were planted on July 1st as part of the activities for Kawthoolei Trees Planting Month.

Source: Public Relation and Information, Doo Tha Htu District