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Details of the Activity


Karen Department of Health and Welfare (KDHW) Annual Meeting - 2019

The Karen Department of Health and Welfare (KDHW), a department of the Karen National Union, held their annual meeting on the 14 January 2019 in Lay Wah, Hpa-an district. The meeting was held for (5) days and organised by Central Karen Department of Health and Welfare. The meeting was attended by total of (111) leaders from central department, districts, townships, members of Karen National Union Standing Committee and other respective leaders.


The main purpose of the annual meeting was to evaluate the department's activities, set up new work plans, discuss activities during the ceasefire period and review the department's activities in the different districts and townships. The meeting also reviewed the department's policy and strengths and weaknesses of reports submitted by the districts and townships.


The Karen Departments of Health and Welfare supports Karen, as well as, other ethnic groups from Burma/Myanmar in having access to health and welfare. P'doh Saw Eh Klu Shwe Oo is the head of the department and also one of the members of the KNU-Standing Committee.