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Karen National Dialogue Convening Committee - KNDCC

Karen Unity

Karen National Dialogue Convening Committee - KNDCC


The KEAOs - Karen Ethnic Armed Organizations (KNU, KNU/KNLA-PC, DKBA) were cooperated to conduct the “national dialogue in different regions based on the ethnicity” at Lay Kay Kaw in November 21, 2016. And, The KEAOs was decided to form the Karen National Dialogue Convening Committee (KNDCC) in order to support and implement the Karen National Dialogue meeting.

Then, the KNDCC was held the meeting to form the steering committee, convening committee, sub-committee for each sectors and administration team to function the KNDCC’s responsibilities in January 5-6, 2018. And, each committee members were included the representatives from the political parties, KCSOs, Karen Unity & Peace Committee – KUPC, Technical Team and Women. The committee was aimed for the Karen Unity and the participation of all Karen people across the country in the peace process.


1. To disclose the basic principles and policies through the discussion on the (4) sectors according to the Karen’s desire and to find common vision of the representatives from each Karen regions and summit the result papers through the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee UPDJC – EAOs to Union Peace Conference - UPC.
2. To empower the constitutional’ basic principles and policies for the future democracy and federal union.
3. To do the consultation regarding the peace process and increase the civilian participation in the peace process.


(1) The four papers which will submit to the Union Peace Conference will develop according to the Karen National Dialogue Meeting and they are (1) Political Sector, (2) Economic Sector, (3) Social Sector, and (4) Land and Natural Resources Sector papers.
(2) To empower the participation of the Karen people as a whole.
(3) To empower the cooperation among ethnic groups in order to obtain the democracy and federal union.

Formation of the Committees

The KNDCC was formed the steering committee members with the three representatives from KEAOs, four representatives form Karen Political Parties, one representative from KCSOs, and one representative from Women with the total of (9) members in order to lead or conduct the meeting. Also, convening committee was formed with the nine representatives from KEAOs, four representatives from Karen Political Parties, one representative from KCSOs, one representative from KUPC and nine focal persons from each different regions with the total of (24) members.

And, sub-committee was formed the members with focal person from nine different regions in order to implement the responsibilities of the five sectors of Karen National Dialogue meeting and the technical team is to support the administration and committee members to conduct the dialogue meeting.


(1) Karen National Dialogue Steering/Leading Committee - (KNDSC)
(2) Karen National Dialogue Convening Committee - (KNDCC)

(3) Sub – Committees
(3-1) Political Sector
(3-2) Economic Sector
(3-3) Social Sector
(3-4) Land & Natural Resources Sector
(3-5) Security Sector


(1) Management Team
(1-1) Administration Team
(1-2) Finance Team
(1-3) Logistics Team
(1-4) Facilitation Team
(1-5) Documentation Team
(1-6) Information & Media Team

(2) Focal Person
(2-1) Kawthoolei Region
(2-2) Upper Myanmar
(2-3) Karenni Region
(2-4) Tannintharyi Region
(2-5) Irrawaddy Region
(2-6) Yangon Region
(2-7) Bago Region
(2-8) Mon Region
(2-9) Karen Region

(3) Technical Support Team


(1) EAOs - Ethnic Armed Organizations
(2) UPDJC - Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee
(3) UPC - Union Peace Conference
(4) DKBA - Democratic Karen Benevolent Army
(5) KNU/KNLA-PC - KNU/KNLA - Peace Council
(6) KNU - Karen National Union