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Department of Judiciary

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Department of Judiciary

Karen National Union
Supreme Headquarters


Department of Judiciary is one of the 14 departments of KNU-Karen National Union’s Governance. The department’s major function is to adopt policies regarding judiciary and bills. The department was established together with the Karen National Union; however, the department reformed systematically in order to protect rule of law of the Karen communities following the 16th Congress of KNU.


To guarantee genuine and equal rule of law in the KNU’s Administration areas.


  1. To give legal awareness in order to protect from violation of law and crime.
  2. To be an open channel for the complainant case.
  3. Protection of public’s rights, freedom and poverty in the community.
  4. Protection of stability, security and prosperity of the Karen community.
  5. Protection of the Karen community and every citizen in order to attain legal protection fully.
  6. In order to have equality under the law regardless of the gender, religion and social status.

Major Functions

  1. Filing and maintaining laws, bills and legal practices of Kawthoolei.
  2. Amending obsolete laws and legal practices of Kawthoolei.
  3. Publication and distribution of the books and literature regarding legal practices and law to villages, Townships and Districts.
  4. Consultation, collaboration and contribution of legal affairs and maintaining legal records.
  5. To give public awareness and consultation regarding rule of law among the organisation and public within the Karen Community.
  6. Organise and cooperate in the affairs of the State Constitution, Constitution of Karen State and Kawthoolei and Constitution for the organisations.


  - Review and amend Kawthoolei existing laws
  - Publication and distribution of existing laws including special laws
  - Strengthening the Rule of Law;
   • Capacity building for community leaders
   • Capacity building for Judges,
   • Established Para-legal groups (legal volunteer) to provide legal assistance and access to support, justice and aid within community
   • Co-ordinating meetings with legal service providers


The department provides special attention and effort to guarantee the Rule of Law, stability and prosperity of the Karen people whom inhabitant especially in the areas of KNU’s administration.

Department of Judiciary


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