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The Current IDP Population in the Kawthoolei Administrative Area as of October 2023

14 October 2023, KNU-Central

The State Administration Council (SAC) violated human rights, and there have been conflicts between the SAC and the Karen National Union (KNU) in the Kawthoolei Region. As a result, 717,626 people are internally displaced (IDPs) in the districts of Doo Tha Htu (Tha Hton), Taw Oo (Taung Ngu), Kler Lwee Htu (Nyang Lay Bin), Mergui-Davoy, Mutraw, and Dooplaya. These people struggle with shelter, food scarcity, and medical supply shortages.

Although 269,631 individuals from 54,494 households of IDPs were able to receive basic food and other necessities worth approximately 9 million Thai baht by 2023, many more people are still in need of assistance. KNU is looking for ways to get access to other required support as well as necessities.

Early in 2023, SAC accelerated military operations and persisted in violating human rights; as a result, internally displaced people (IDPs) fleeing conflict zones require immediate humanitarian assistance.