"From the Karen National Political Dialogue to ward the Political Will of the Karen National" 

  "From the Karen National Political Dialogue to establish a Federal Democratic Union" 

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၀ံစိၥ်တီဆှၢ ဒီး တၢ်ဆဲးကျိးကျဲ ဝဲၤကျိၤ


၀ံစိၥ်တီဆှၢ ဒီး တၢ်ဆဲးကျိးကျဲ ဝဲၤကျိၤ



Transportation and Communications is essential for the country's development. When Transportation and Communications is established, civilians are able to travel freely, faster and safer. Furthermore, civilians will have access to skills and knowledge from foreign countries. When Transportation and Communications improve, problems such as insufficient materials, unstable prices and so on will decrease. Furthermore, businesses will be able to work together with locals bringing in good business. Additionally, improved Transportation and Communications enables us to improve our community services such as Education, Healthcare and Livelihoods. Transportation and Communications is essential for the country's development.

The KNU sees the development of the Transportation and Communications will enable;

  1. Local civilians to exchange knowledge with foreigners, transportation will be faster and the prices stable.
  2. Work with local individual businessman regarding transportation of goods ensuring their security and safety.
  3. The department to implement their work plan ensuring better communications between Central and Districts.



For local people in the Karen State and people who travel to Karen State.
  (a) Transportation of goods within Karen State
  (b) Visitors
  (c) Trade outside Karen State

Construction of roads, bridges

To reduce the cost of transportation and for the convenience of local travelers and tourists, the following projects are planned and being implemented.


The following activities are implemented in order to achieve the objectives. The following functions have to be carried out either by the government or the private sectors.

  (a) Land Transportation
   - Car, motorcycle and other transportation for transportation of goods.
   - Car, motorcycle and trains for transportation of locals and visitors.

  (b) Water Transportation
    - Ships and boats for the transportation of goods and visitors.

Construction of Roads and Bridges

 (1) Roads and bridges must be constructed for improved flow of goods in less developed areas where there are no bridges and roads.
  (2) Constructed road and bridges will be monitored and maintained.

၀ံစိၥ်တီဆှၢ ဒီး တၢ်ဆဲးကျိးကျဲ ဝဲၤကျိၤ





တၢ်ဂ့ၢ်တၢ်ကျိၤလၢ တၢ်ဟံးန့ၢ် အအါကတၢၢ်တဖၣ်