"From the Karen National Political Dialogue to ward the Political Will of the Karen National" 

  "From the Karen National Political Dialogue to establish a Federal Democratic Union" 

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ထံလီၢ်ကီၢ်ပူၤ ဒီး တၢ်ဘူၣ်တၢ်ဘါဝဲၤကျိၤ


ထံလီၢ်ကီၢ်ပူၤ ဒီး တၢ်ဘူၣ်တၢ်ဘါဝဲၤကျိၤ


Functions and Responsibilities:

Household Registration Administration

  a. Individual Registration
  b. Birth and Death Registration
  c. Child Adoption Record
  d. Marriage Record
  e. Divorced Record
  f. Caretaking Record

Social Affairs Administration

  a. Social Welfare
  b. Child and Adult Welfare
  c. Social Rescue
  d. Social Development
  e. Non-Profit Affairs
  f. Aid for the survival for the disable
  g. Community Based Organisation

Land Administration, Survey and Registration

  a. Study of Value of Land
  b. Standardised Land Equity
  c. Study and Record the Rights to Land ownership
  d. Land Use
  e. Land Administration Functions
  f. Land Survey and Registration

Karen National Police Force

Main Objective

  (a) Prohibition of illegal activities and protection of law
  (b) Investigate the illegal activities
  (c) Protection of Public’s rights, freedom and property.
  (d) Enforcement of Law and order regards the peace and public security.


Department of Interior supervises and organised the following activities.
  (a) Investigate, Hearing and Filing any complaint or crime.
  (b) Protection of Public Security
  (c) Central Pubic Police Academy (Professional Police Academy)


  - Police Headquarters
  - District Public Police Force (7 Districts)
  - Township Public Police Force (Townships)



  (a) To train and transform prisoners into well-mannered and disciplined persons.
  (b) To provide vocational training.
  (c) Encourage and empower them via the civic education and religious teachings.


  - Central Prison
  - District Prisons

Empower Religion and Development

  1. Every persons has the freedom of belief and religion.
  2. Every persons are equal under the law regardless of their gender, race and status.
  3. Every religion has the right to be promoted equally according to their customs and traditions.
  4. There is no state religion and special treatment of a particular religion.
  5. Funds can be allocate based on the donation and charity of followers.
  6. Every religious institution can participate in charity, voluntary and social welfare activities.

Department Focal

  - Head of Department
  - Secretary-1
  - Secretary-2
  - Head of Office

ထံလီၢ်ကီၢ်ပူၤ ဒီး တၢ်ဘူၣ်တၢ်ဘါဝဲၤကျိၤ





တၢ်ဂ့ၢ်တၢ်ကျိၤလၢ တၢ်ဟံးန့ၢ် အအါကတၢၢ်တဖၣ်