"From the Karen National Political Dialogue to ward the Political Will of the Karen National" 

  "From the Karen National Political Dialogue to establish a Federal Democratic Union" 

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Major Activities

The major activities of the department of agriculture are:

(a) Land and
(b) Agriculture

The above activities intend to ensure income generation for the Karen people and will become sustainable by setting up guideline for ownership in accordance with the local peoples custom. In that way, the farmers and local people will gain high self-esteem. Moreover, it will raise collaboration among the farmers regarding high-end agricultural technology without having a negative impact on the natural and socio environment.


The governance system of the Department of Agriculture is to formulate the policy of land sector that complies with the local situation, in order to gain positive outcomes for local people in their business, natural environment, socio-economic and income generation.


  (a) Establish a land policy that complies with local people.
  (b) Set up a land system to generate income and security of the land.
  (c) Identify confiscated land due to Mega projects of military and companies through surveys, studies and records.
  (d) Convene trainings on agricultural technology.
  (e) Generate income through the co-operation among civil societies and communities within the agriculture sectors.

Branches of the Department of Agriculture and their ToR.

  (4.1) ToR of Training Branch

  (4.1.1) Publishing Curriculum
  (4.1.2) Delivering Training
  (4.1.3) Public Awareness
  (4.1.4) Establishing Agriculture Training Centers

   o Publication of the newsletters, booklets, newspapers, briefing regards agriculture for the farmers.
   o Training on production and usage of fertiliser, organic pest control, agriculture technique and storage of seeds.
   o Distribution of books and literature, raising public awareness through field operation and consultation.
   o Establishment of Agricultural training school

  (4.2) ToR of Planning and Development Branch

  (4.2.1) Micro Planning
  (4.2.2) Agriculture Training
  (4.2.3) Prime Agriculture
  (4.2.4) Expansion of Farmland, Irrigation and Dam
  (4.2.5) Storage of Rice and Cash Saving
  (4.2.6) Storage of seeds

   o Exploring the pathways for agriculture training, production of fertilisers and pest control.
   o Field Operations on practical prime farming for the reference of the general public.
   o Consulting, providing aid and fundraising regards expansion of farm, irrigation and canal for agriculture and guiding to be a sustainable project.
   o Giving awareness to promote co-operation among villagers in storing crops for development.
   o Establish micro financing programs for farming and agriculture.
   o Providing training regarding the systematic storage of seeds, raising awareness to promote the willingness to do business by storing seeds and generating family income.

  (4.3) ToR of Settlement and Land Record Branch

  (4.3.1) Land Measurement
  (4.3.2) Land Marking
  (4.3.3) Research and Recording of Farm land
  (4.3.4) Resolution of Land Conflicts
  (4.3.5) Establishment of Land Measurement Training.

  (4.3.6) Publishing of Guidelines and Regulations for land Measurement.

   o Surveying farmland and horticulture, over a 3 year span to process the application of expansion. Normally, Township and District authority directly undertake it and support is provided from Central if necessary.
   o To keep precise record of land loss, expansion of farmland and new farmland at Township, District and Central level.
   o To study and record any land loss during the successive governments.    o To resolve conflicts among local people regarding land. (Usually handled by local authorities with support from Central if necessary.)
      o Providing training for land surveying for township and district staff. If necessary, providing advanced trainings such as GPS surveying and mapping.
   o Publishing rules and regulations handbook for land surveying. Moreover, publishing land-surveying handbook.

  (4.4) ToR for the Emergency Rescue Branch during Natural Disasters.

  (4.5.1.) Emergency Necessity
  (4.5.2) Pest Threat
  (4.5.3) Flooding
  (4.5.4) Mouse and Rat Threat
  (4.5.5) Distribution of Seeds
  (4.5.6) Distribution of Tools and Machine

   • Cropping and agriculture tools destroyed by the military government are rated as emergency necessity and provide aid to fulfill it.
   • Consulting to get the natural insects control and providing the necessary help according to the local context.
   • Providing flooding victims either with cash or goods.
   • Providing training to eliminate the threat of mouse and rats using traditional methods. (If the condition is serious, then advanced prevention methods and techniques are provid)
   • Distribution of seeds to people in need. (Early and late rainy season)
   • Distribution of tools and machine to the farmers in need or selling the tools and machine with affordable price.






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